We have found a very sick kitten.

Hi, I found a kitten a few days ago. He looks to be about 6wks to 2 months old. He seemed sick and seemed as if he could not hear until we were very close to him. he would just lay there and then run when we got close. Kept his head down a lot. would not really eat or drink (very small quantities). Next day as I was going to work the neighbor said that she would catch him and make sure he ate. She was not able to and the cat disappeared. I thought it ran away but a day later we found her. She is very weak, can hardly hold her head up. Green pus filled her eyes and nose. Began to feed her some milk formulated for newborn kitties, so far have force fed her twice. Do you think that there is anything I can do to bring her to health. She is a stray and we cannot really afford to take her to the vets. Can you tell me some home things I can do? Thank you

First of all you have to make a decision.
You say she is a stray, but if you choose to take care of her she no longer is a stray she is your cat and this comes with costs involved. If you are not prepared to do this then her best option is to be taken to a animal shelter where they can care for her and find her a new home once she recovers. This may sound rather harsh but she needs medical care and this costs money i’m afraid.

The kitten may be suffering from cat flu or any number of infections due to being a stray. She may even be the runt of the litter and that is why she was on her own. If this is the case she may have other health issues and that’s why her mother abandoned her. As i say a kitten this condition needs lots of care and probably medical assistance.

Please see my page about cat flu which will give you some idea of what this nasty illness is like and what you can do. Also please see my pages about orphaned kittens and their care. They may help you help her until you can get her to see a vet.



I hope she is better soon


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