week old kitten paws turning almost white:(

by Lindsay

I have a week old kitten he is the only survivor of 5 this is the mommas first little and hopefully last, he did have really pink paws and walked around almost all the time now he sleeps a lot more this morning he felt cold but I called the vet they told me to put a hot water bottle in with him to warm him I have done that and the sun is shining so hes is laying in it a bit now I am just worried that the turning of skin is a bad sign my husband is deployed and has grown attached to this little guy through pictures. I don't know what to do if the vet could do anything or if I am just over reacting after losing the others

please Help

no you are not over reacting. the fact that the other kittens died could mean that there was a genetic problem with them or that the mother cat was not or is not strong enough to provide them with good quality milk.

is the kitten feeding properly and getting enough. check the mothers teats for producing milk.

If there is a problem with the milk you will have to try and feed the kitten yourself. please see this page for more on this


If the kitten remains white tomorrow then yes take him to see the vet. He will be able to make a better diagnosis if there is something wrong.

i hope he pulls through.

best wishes kate

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something genetic :(
by: Lindsay

I brought him to the vet he had something wrong with him he died at 5 this morning thank you for responding I know I can come again if I have another problem that needs answering

Reply from Kate
I am so sorry to hear that your kittten passed away. It sounds like the whole litter was not very strong.

You need to pay a lot of attention to your mother cat now. Make sure she has good quality food to help build her up and if possible please think about having her spayed.

Also spend time with her to help her through this distressing times. She may be anxious over the fact that she has lost her litter.

best wishes kate

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