weird brown stuff coming from my cats butt

by Amanda Elliott
(Fergus ONTARIO Canada)

my pretty baby

my pretty baby


I have a 6 month old kitten and lately she has been having this weird light brown stuff coming out of her back end.. It does not smell and kind of looks like diarrhea but it does not smell like it..
We feed our cats cheap cat food right now but planning on switching to whiskas very soon...
Could you help me and let me know what you think it is? It gets everywhere and we can't afford a vet right now..
She seems happy and her gums look good and she plays and eats and sleeps fine... Just kind of worried..
The 2 pics is one of the issue and the other one is her, her name is Spazz.
My email address is:

Answer from KAte
Sadly some cheap cat foods can cause tummy upsets and so it could simply be that she has a constant upset tummy and this is bowel leakage.

The other option is that she may have an internal infection and this is pus mixed with some bowel contents.

Kittens and young cats can be very susceptible to illness and tummy upsets etc. It is important that this is sorted out before any permanent damage is caused.

My advice would be to switch to a better quality food (definitely not go cat ) Also feed her a kitten food rather than a adult food so that she gets all the nutrients she needs for her age.

If the problem persists after a week or so then a trp to the vets is really your best option.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

thanks!! I will give it a try for sure!

To A. Elliot
by: Anonymous

Give Purina One Kitten Chow a try. I raise kittens to sell and feed both my queens and all kittens until 12 months of age this food. Dollar for dollar, it's as good as the very expensive brands and yet it's just a dollar or two more than the other chain store brands.

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