weird cat behaviour

the one towards the left looks like my cat!

the one towards the left looks like my cat!

ok so my cat got out about 4 weeks ago maybe and now shes been acting weird she has got alittle bit fater. Shes an indoor cat and now that she got out she wont go near the door when it opens. Now this week shes acting EXTREMELY weird. Shes been making weird noises( not puring noises) and shes been rolling on the ground and she just wants to be held like a babby! I use to give her a little milk 1 a week and now she wont drink it! One last thing she always has to be with somebody now.!.

If you no or think of anything no mattter how drastic it may seem please let me know.


Answer by KAte
You did not mention if she is spayed or not. If not then she could be pregnant.

Other than that her behavior does not sound like she is ill in any way just perhaps a little more needy. this could be because she is worried about something outside. perhaps there are other cats in the area which is afraid of and is seeking comfort from you.

Other than that I can't really see any other possible causes. If you are still worried and feel that her behavior is particularly strange then your only option is to have a vet check her over.

best wishes Kate

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