well loved neutered tom cat gone missing

by Tasha Nixon

My cat

My cat

i have had a tom cat for 1 and a half years now and he was only just recently neutered a month or two ago.

he was always fed well and always got attention and was very spoilt, he went out side daily but always came home when someone else was home.
before he was neutered he went missing for 3 days straight and came home very hungry. that was than when i decided to get him neutered.
i also have a female cat that grew up with him as well but she was pregnant and was close to giving birth and my tom cat randomly went missing. it has been two weeks now since i last sore him and the kittens to my female cat are a week old. could this be the reason my tom cat went missing, we live in a small town and a friendly neighbour hood and always fed him well and looked after him i dont understand why he would have left.
i still have hope that he will come back but i just want to understand why he went missing as he wasnt very old and wouldnt of left to die, could he have been bitten by a snake or something?

a quick reply would be appreciated
Tash xx

Hi Tash
Unfortunately it sounds to me like you are looking for an answer which quite simply does not exist. Why our cats do anything is often a mystery and i should know my two give me concern to worry every week, but i think that is more my problem than there’s.

You have to remember this cat was s stray for some times and so he used to wandering around. You never know he may even had other homes which also look after him, this is not unusual.

I totally agree with you he has no reason to leave you and so the possible answers to your question are:

He will be back once he has finished his wanderings
He is being looked after by someone else, who may have kept him inside
He may have had an accident (sorry but always a possibility

Your best option is to start to actively look for him. Please see this page for more information on how best to do this.

I do hope he returns to you soon

Best wishes kate

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world tour tomcat
by: Anonymous

a second home possibly...we had a cat one time that was gone for almost two years, then just showed up one day like nothing happened. He was an outodoor/indoor neutered cat

Regarding male (stray) that disappeared after being neutered
by: Anonymous

I have gotten a few stray male cats neutered (I also fed them well, though they were outside strays) and every single one of them disappeared after being neutered. I chalked it up to them being mad at me but once they left they never came back. I can only hope that they found new homes elsewhere. I know this doesn't help a person who's cat has disappeared but it might help explain how males, especially strays, think and act after being fixed.

im wondering if he ever came back?
by: brian

my cat has also gone missing and its been 11 months since your cat went so did he ever show back???

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