What breed is my cat?

by Tina
(Leth,ab, canada)



hello, i am trying to find out what breed my cat is.i understand that there

are so many different types of breeds but my cat has no distinct markings, no flat face,no spefic attitude traits.shes just a grey long haired, at first i thought persian but she dosent have the same facial features..

Answer by Kate
Well it is very possible that your cat is what is known as a moggy ie a cat that is not one particular breed but a combination of breeds due to interbreeding through generations etc.

There may be several breeds in him, perhaps a little Persian or even Maine Coon due to the long fur. I can't see any one particular breed in your cats photo so i suspect that he is a mix.


best wishes Kate

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norwegian forest cat
by: Anonymous

We had a gray one just like yours, very affectionate, shed like crazy but fur never matted, lived to 20yr. Enjoy your cat!

your cat lookes like mine.
by: vera

Hi I am no expert but your cat looks a lot like mine, based on your photo,I was doing some research on what type of cat mine was and i found out that she is a " LaPerm ". She is all grey and very affectionate and also has distinctive curls on her belly. By this small bit of info I was able to figure out what she was. You should tale a look and see if yous hac curls, because if it douse it could be a " LaPerm" kool right!

Yes, a Nebelung
by: SgtCaz\USMC

I have 2. They are awesome and very PEOPLE cats!

A Nebelung?
by: Anonymous

I am NO expert, but I've been browsing cat breeds on line and watching AnimalPlanet's Cats 101 and if I were you I'd investigate whether it is a Nebelung. This breed was recently developed in Colorado and is named after the German word for fog or mist: Nebel.

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