What Cat Breed Is my Cat

by Stacy Pretorius

we have been researching our cat breed for quite some time now. we think she could be part norwegian forest cat but she is too small. she is roughly just over 30cm excluding her bushy tail. nobody can seem to tell us what she is. she has quite an attitude and walks around like a true madame, very playful but will let you know when she has had enouh. and very loving. she has tufts of hair between her toes and long whiskers. would greatly appreciate it if you could resolve our little problem with her breed once and for all. and i would just like to add that its the first time i have been on and am very impressed with this site.

many thanks

Answer from Kate
it is very difficult to say for sure what your cats breed is as in most cases unless they have been specially bred by a cat breeder and can therefore trace back their parentage etc most cats have several breeds in them. or course their may be dominant breed characteristics.

looking at your cat, i would say that their is some Persian there as her tail looks very Persian like


However her face is not Persian like and so i would say that there is Persian in her parentage along the line and probably another breed which could also be mixed. I really dont think she called be called x breed i'm afraid.

She is lovely though, i love her coloring.

best wishes KAte

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by: Anonymous

From the picture it looks like she has quite the beginnings of a mane (like a male lion), does she have ear tips (little hairs standing up straight right on the very tip of her ear)? If so, she could have quite a bit of Maine Coon in her. I breed them and the females can be any where from short legged and solid to very tall and more lanky. (One excellent tell-tale sign is that whatever the length and texture of the fur on the back, the belly fur is always as soft as any mink or bunny rabbit.)
The personality that you described sounds Maine Coon. Read up on this breed and see if she doesn't fit.
BTW, she is a beautiful girl.

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