What could be causing a cat's tooth to grow so long ?

by Jill

My cat right canine tooth has always been a little longer than the other one, but within the last 6 months to a year it's gotten even longer. It's yellow and curved, also. She's about 9 years old. I brush her teeth once in a while and all of her teeth are really white except for the long one. Her gums seem to be lower almost as if something is pushing it from behind. It doesn't seem to hurt her when I touch it, but whenever she rubs her face on something, I think it pinches her lip because she pulls her head back and opens her mouth really fast.

Answer by Kate
It could be a genetic thing i.e this one tooth is placed higher in the gum etc. generally it is a good idea to get a cats teeth checked a couple a times a year as they do need attention from time to time. the vet may decide that it would better and healthier for her to have this tooth removed, or filed down etc.

My own cat had to have some teethe removed as they were causing her some trouble.

best wishes Kate

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Please update.
by: Anonymous

I would love an update about your cat as mine is experiencing the same problem now. Her front canine is way overgrown. I am wondering what happened with you and your cat? Please advise and thank you.

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