What could cause agression in my cat?

I recently witnessed my cat attack my grandson in an all out "going for blood mode" She was not provoked in any way, as a matter of fact she wasn't even in the same room as we were. She just came out of nowhere and starting hissing and growling at my grandson! When he tried to run she went balistic on him and I had to physically remove her and throw her outside. Needless to say he suffered a few deep scratches. It was very scary and traumatic for my grandson (6 yrs old). I've never even seen her hiss before this event. I'm thinking I'm going to need to put her down as I cannot risk that kind of behavior around my grandchildren again. By the way he has been around alot and has never done any harm to the cat,they usually get along very well.

Answer by KAte
Can I just say please do not put your cat down for this reason. There must have been a cause for her behaviour and her reaction may have been extreme in our eyes but was probably a natural one for her.

it sounds to me like something called transferred aggression. This is where something frightens a cat and they react to the first thing they come across, sort of taking out there fear on some one or some thing else. your grandson my have just been unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As to what caused her fear and excessive reaction, well this can be tricky, it can be as something as simple as a unexpected loud noise, a strange smell or even being bitten suddenly perhaps from an insect. Whatever it was it scared her so much that she bolted from the room towards your grandson and in her fear lashed out.

usually this behaviour is a one off but your grandson and her will have to re build there relationship so that both can feel confident again with each other. bonding has to be done slowly and at the cats pace to prevent further fear. please see my page about how to go about bonding without fear here


I hope all is back to normal again soon for all of you including the cat who would not have enjoyed the experience either.

best wishes kate

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Aggressive cat
by: Anonymous

My cat doesn't like my grandkids and I don't understand why. They have never harmed her in anyway. She hisses if she even sees them. If she is close enough she will even try to attack them. I have tried having my grandkids give her treats but that hasn't worked. Why is she like this ?

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