What does it mean when my cat changes his sleeping location?

by Ashley
(Raleigh, NC)

My cat

My cat

Have 3 cats, (all age 5 and under), and only one of them (Cowboy) always sleeps in the bed with me. But not for the last week or so, he has been sleeping somewhere else. He has also changed his other "favorite" laying spots around the home.

This morning I woke up to find my female cat in my bed with me, who never sleeps in the bed. What is up with this?
*There have been no other changes in diet, no illnesses etc...

I don't think there is anything up with your cats change of heart as to where he sleeps.

i have two male cats who for as long as i have had them constantly change their sleeping place every few months. One minute they spend every evening on my bed, then not at all and have found another chair to sit on, then a few months later all change again.

I don't know if they just like to change from time to time, perhaps due to smell of temperature or whether it is something to do with the cats current position in the home. My cats constantly change who is top cat, this may have happened in your home too. This is quite normal and will probably change again in the coming weeks and months.

best wishes kate

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Cats' Nature.
by: Michael B.

So far they are healthy and active, there is nothing to fear or be concerned about. My 7 month old male cat,Junior,is a frequent occupant of all corners of my room,in fact he is the boss and at night,I have to reserve a space on my bed,no matter what the circumstance be. But sometimes, he changes his sleeping pattern by going to my neighbours' for a long nap till evening.
Initially,I had the same thought as you have,but it is part of a feline "conservative" nature and from my experience,as cats get older female cats tend to be bossy if they are nursing or about giving birth.
They usually don't allow the Male to venture near their litter,at times act aggressively if the male cat by chance gets close,even to the point of chasing them out doors.
Currently,as am typing this,Junior is having a lovely nap at my neighbours,and won't see him till nightfall when he comes in for his usual evening snack.
So,no fear..he will return once the female has decided to.

my cats sleeping habits
by: Anonymous

My ten year old male Persian has slept with & snuggled near me every night for 10 years then when the weather was a little warm he stopped & it has been 7 months now & he jumps up next to me for a few minutes every now & then then leaves again. Most nights he sleeps on the carpet. I realize cats change but this has been 10 years & when we leave him for a week he used to follow me & stay near me all day long til he felt more secure and now it doesnt seem to affect him when we go away & come back

Cats sleeping habits
by: Babbs

My nine year old cat sleeps in the same place for about two weeks .then finds somewhere else to sleep and never returns to the previous place this happens all through winter and when summer comes will not sleep in the house at all

My cat changes sleeping places too!
by: Max

Just another quick thought I've had. Us cat lovers know that they are more wild animals than pets, so maybe they exhibit this behaviour completely naturally as a result of when they all lived in the wild and had to avoid predators. After all, if you have predators after you then what's the worst thing you could do? Stay put in the same place all the time so they learn where you are! If I was a wild animal, living largely alone as cats do, I'd keep changing my sleeping place too.

My cat changes sleeping places too!
by: Max

I'm really glad I came across this website. I've only had a cat for about 16 months now. She's now nine years old and adopted me, having been forced out of her old home due to bullying from other pets in the house. Don't get me wrong; her former owner is a really lovely lady. It's just that the cat didn't like her choice of other cats and a dog!
Anyway, I too have noticed that my cat, Patchey, would change sleeping places roughly every two months. This despite having made numerous areas for her where she can sleep in comfort. Right now she has a choice of FOUR comfortable places she can sleep in. And where is right now as I type this? Asleep on top of a laptop bag on the floor under my dining table! I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong, but if this is quite common, then I can now rest easy, knowing she is quite happy. She reminds of that old Paul Young song, Wherever I Lay My Hat!!

by: Veronica

I wondered why my cats change where they sleep on a regular basis and the only conclusion was that perhaps in the wild they had to do this to avoid the inevitable flea eggs hatching. so by changing where they sleep they would be less exposed to this. Just a wild guess though

my cats too, why i found this
by: brian lang

I have 2 females, Every week theres a new sleeping place. It drives me nuts trying to make them comfortable! LoL

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