What is going on with my spayed female cat?

by Tracy Fristoe
(North Las Vegas NV)

My cat question is I have a female cat. It was peeing all over everything, it seem to mostly be while she was in heat. We had her fixed. She did not do it for about a month. The other two Kitty's went into heat. That seemed to be the time that she started peeing again. this time in the bathtub, the bed, it was everywhere. IS she doing this because the other cats are in HEAT? What do you think?

What is the best cleaner for this problem. It is mostly on clothes, towels, bedding and now the bathtub.
Thank you for any ideas. If I wanted to donate, do you take Pay Pal? Thank you, Trcy

Answer by KAte
the answer is yes. if your other two cats are in heat they will be giving off a strong scent and your spayed female will feel the need to mark her territory more so that it smells more of her. this is quite normal for cats who live in close proximity with each other.

So the answer would be to have the other two cats spayed aswell so that there is lerss of a territory issue.

as for a cat urine cleaner, it is importnat to get every speck removed otherwise it will encourage the cat to use the same spot again.

A black light is good for seeing any missed specks etc.

i have a web page which gives some suggestions to how best to clean the urine up. here is the page


best wishes Kate

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