What is happening to my meaty !!

by Ailsa
(Portr Huron , MI ,48060)



I rescued my meaty outside the health clinic it was snowing and cold and for a homeless cat he was HUGE ! Im talking a good 16lbs . Well he chirped at me on my way in , and on my way out I looked at him and said you know your going home with me right ? For sure the best thing I have ever gotten from a health clinic . We have seriously been best friends since , always snuggling always giving kitty hugs and just being a general sweetness in my life that I need . Well He has always had horrible diarrhea , I took him to the vet he said he has a very curable parasite , we have giving him the antibiotics . I have found very prominent lumps on his tummy ,and he is puking a lot . I am beginning to become a scared cat owner because hes only two years old and we have so much to go through together . So my question is do you think I have something to worry about and do you think I should ask my vet for a biopsy ?

Answer by KAte
well it depends if you have finished the antibiotics yet or not. if you have and the condition continues then yes you should take him back for more treatment.
however whether or not it is a good idea to have a biopsy or not is really something that you have to discuss with your vet. he is the one who is actually witnessing the symptoms and is best placed to know how to treat. of course you are always entitled to a second opinion if you feel unsure of your vets advice.

It can be worrying i know when you have a sick cat but sometimes these conditions can take a while to be sorted out. my advice would be, finish the medication and if there is no change then take him back to the vets for more advice.

best wishes Kate
P.s Stunning picture by the way. he is gorgeous :)

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