what to do? My Cat doesn't like being picked up

by bridget

why won't my cat let me or anyone else in my home pick him up or rub him.i don't have any pic yet,he's a rescue cat,i've had about 2mos now.he's a russian blue

Answer by Kate

well not all cats like to be picked up. I have had my own cat for over 12 years now and she hates it. She has never got use to it. I can pick her up if I hold her quite tight but only for about 20 seconds before she starts to riggle like mad to get down.

Cats learn most of their social skills etc during the first seven weeks of their life, it is known as the sensitive period. During this time they need to be socialised with an s many different people , animals and experiences as this is when they are more likely to accept them for the rest of their life.

It sounds like your cat probably was not socialised early on , and strays especially tend to be more wary anyway. So unfortunately your cat may never like you picking him up. He may mellow over the years but unfortunately there are no guarantees. All you can do is give him lots of TLC and maybe one day he will let you pick him up.

best wishes KAte

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so still the question is how.....
by: Anonymous

ok, so how do you get the cat to the vet?

Speak to your vet over the phone. Some may be able to offer you some sedatives to give to your cat. Others may recommend a home visit. The best thing is to discuss with your vet over the phone. They will have dealt with situations like this before.

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