what's up with freckle my cat

by dana combs
(purcell oklahoma)

my cat who just went into her first heat last week is acting very strangely. last week she went through the normal meowing rubbing so forth, the last two days she has been extremely antisocial. she will not let me hold her, she growls at me if i pick her up, and at the other cat we have if she comes around her. she is eating good but does not look like it as with the other cat fat and sassy, she was up until a few days ago. she does not go outside but the other does. we were going to take them next week to have them fixed and shots. my bad i never felt she needed them as long as she stayed inside, and up til now she has stayed inside. she is drinking water but walks around very slowly. can you give me any suggestions. she seems like she just does not want anyone to touch her or even come around her. would being in heat change their personality in that manner? I know as a female when it is my time i'm not the most pleasant and i wasnt sure if it effected cats in the same manner. by friday if this has not changed i will take her to a vet but was just curious if i should be extremely concerned or just moderately. i've never owned a cat befoe and don't know the first thing about them. i just know that she has won my heart and i love her very much, she is my saving grace. my angel

Answer by Kate
well yes hormones can do funny things to us all and I see no reason why this would be any different for a cat.
her behavior regarding walking around slowly etc does sound rather odd and i wonder if she has picked up a virus which has made her feel achy.

i think you have the right idea though, if she has not improved by Friday then perhaps it would be wise just to have her checked out by the vet just in case.

I have two male kittens and their behavior can change from day to day sometimes.

i hope she is back to her old self again soon

best wishes Kate

Love the name freckle :)

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