Whats wrong with my new kitty?

by Steve

Hi, I really hope you can help me.

I have a new 8 week old kitten, which I've had for a week now. When I chose him from the litters (there were 11 kittens from different litters being kept together) he was running around and very playful. But, after I got him home, the next day, he became very lethargic and had diarrhoea.

I got him de-fleaed and wormed (Stronghold) at the vet. She also prescribed septrin antibiotics for 5 days. The last dose I have to give him is tomorrow. But, he still wont hardly eat and always cries to be held. All he wants to do is sleep on my lap all day. He nevers wants to play. His diarrhoea has gone but he still seems very sad. I dont know what to do. He is not putting on any weight - he is still only 500 grams. The vet gave me some Hills presciption diet food for him but he eats tiny bits. I have tried lots of different foods and flavours but he is not interested.

He rarely grooms and has recently started wiping his bum on the floor after using the litter tray - I am guessing this is because he was distressed at the diarrhoea stains on his behind (I have since cleaned him up).

I was hoping after a week he would settle down but he has not. He is sleeping on my lap right now - where he has been all day.

I am extremely worried about him. Please help!

Many many thanks


Answer by Kate
It is not unusual for kittens to develop diarrhea when they change homes and food and a week is not a long time for his system and also for him to settle into a new home.

He basically needs time for his sytem to settle down to his new food, pick a kitten brand and stick with it, he will eat when he is hungry. You could offer him a little bit on your finger at a time. At 8 weeks he is still very young and may not be fully weaned yet.

Can I suggest that you take a look at the kitten section on this site for some general information about taking care of kittens. Also there is a page under the cat health heading about diarrhea.

Try not to worry too much, give him some time and lots of your attention and time to help him settle in but don't expect him to find his feet too quickly.

I hope he is better soon

best wishes KAte

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