What's wrong with my newly found kitten?

My friend and I were playing tennis and found a kitten wandering in the parking lot. We did not want the kitten to get hit by a car so we took him in. Now my friend decided to keep the cat. She is taking a vacation and my son and I are keeping the kitten for her. He appears to be about 3 months old and looks very healthy. My friend took the kitten to the vet who said he could find nothing wrong with the baby. However, the the kitten has not had an AIDS test. He tested negative for leukemia. But the cat will not eat or will not meow. I am taking him to the vet again tomorrow. I even got some powdered milk from Pet Smart today. I mixed it and gave it to the kitten and he refused to even lick it. I am keeping the kitten in a room by itself until I can find out if anything is wrong with it. We have 2 other cats and they always ate a lot and meowed constantly. This little kitten won't eat or meow. What could be wrong with it?

Answer by Kate
Hi firstly make sure the powedered milk does not contain lactose as cats should not have thins it will give them very bad stomach upsets.
if you found him wandering but in good condition he must have been well looked after before hand, have ou checked that no one else has lost a kitten in your area?
It could be that your kitten was the runt of the litter and he may have some medical problems which have caused his behavior. You are doing the right thing by getting him checked by a vet as they are the best people to find out whats wrong and how to cope with it.
Fingers crossed that there is nothing too serious wrong with him. I would be interested to know what the vet tells you, keep us posted here by adding comments to this post. Kate

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