when a cat gets sick

by Kim

I have a 16yr old female cat. When she gets sick she then goes poop on the floor. Any other time she uses the liter box. I recently witnessed this and I said Minnie no and she looked at me like she didn't even hear me or that I was even standing right there. Is there anything I can do? I am dumbfounded on this!

Answer by Kate
This is not an uncommon problem, usually it i caused by something which has made the cat feel unsettled of fearful and it is a way of making the home smell more like them which in turn helps to calm them down.

now in your case if you say that she only does it when she has some other illness, then i would say that she is feeling a little worried or anxious because she feels unwell and so to try and make herself feel better generally she is scenting the house.

You may find the page about middening helpful


By the way there is no point is shouting at or telling a cat no. they simply won't understand and in this case she is not being naughty. All she is doing is following her instincts regarding scent.

I know this can be a difficult thing to deal with, but unfortunately cats live by different rules to ourselves.

best wishes Kate

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