When to separate kittens from their mum

by kate
(south africa)

Hi.. my cat has had 5 kittens about 2 months ago.. we decided to give them away yesterday. i have now noticed that my cat won't stop crying for them. this really upsets me to see her this way. i would like 2 know how long this will last and if there is anything i can do 2 help her? and is it normal for her nipples 2 be Pink and which seems like a lot of milk? thanks

well it all depends if your kittens were fully weaned or not. Normally kittens wean between weeks 8 and 12 but some take longer. It is not advisable to remove the kittens until they are eating solid food entirely.

It could well be that they were not fully weaned and this is why the mother cat is crying for them as she will be full of milk still if they have been feeding off of her recently.


Her milk should dry up in a week or so and when this happens her hormone levels will also drop and she will stop crying for her kittens.


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