Where do I leave my cat while I'm away?

by Jeanne
(Austin, TX)

After I returned from a trip last year, my cat has been howling

every night and occasionally when she doesn't see where I am.
It now isn't as bad as it was orginally, but she still does it a few
times a day and night and it seems to be a separation anxiety when she can't see me. She was adopted at the age of 9 and my husband and the
dog I had when she arrived have both died since then. She grieved for them after these two events.

She is a healthy 17 years old.

The question is, I have two trips planned this year and live only with her. In the past my neighbor would come in to take care of her once a day. Would it be better for the cat to be boarded, which I cannot afford for any lengthy time, or find someone who will take her into their home, if that is possible and if I can find someone who will, OR let her stay in
her home and deal with it when I return?

If I could cancel my trips I would, but this is a serious situation and
the last thing I want to do is cause my beautiful little cat any more

What do you suggest?

Answer by Kate
Hi, well her crying could have something to do with separation anxiety or it may be a symptom of old age. As cats get older their eyesight and or hearing can be affected an this can cause them anxiety, especially at night.


As for where to board her, well if I were you I would try to keep her in her own home where she will feel the most secure. with someone coming in at least twice a day everyday to feed her, clean her litter and if possible spend a little time with her. if this person could be someone she knows all the better.

I know you will worry but as you say sometimes theres just nothing you can do to change things. All you can do is to make it as easy for your cat as possible.

best wishes kate

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