White crystals: are they flea eggs?

by Erica
(Austin, TX, United States)

Chloe and Me :)

Chloe and Me :)

Thank you for your great advice on ridding my Cream-Point Himallayan of her horrible flea infestation. I took your advice and washed all the chemicals out of her fur. Then applied the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro drops every two hours (using only a tiny bit each time until 8 hours later when the vial was empty) that managed to not irritate her sensitive skin so much, and she is now flea free. She has lots of scabs though, and I'm treating them properly. However, when I use the flea comb, I no longer find dead fleas, but little white crystalline type things stuck in her white fur. I'm sure her skin is dry, but this is not dead skin- I'm pretty darn sure. Is THIS what flea eggs look like? It's not the flea dirt stuff, it's white. And if they are flea eggs, is this a good sign that they are coming loose when I use the comb? Should I expect to see them after the 2nd treatment of drops(in 3 weeks)? The 3rd? Thank you again for your knowlegable advice! (Chloe Ruth thanks you too!!)

Answer by Kate
Hi no flea eggs are more like little brown balls. Please see my pages about fleas it will give you more detail about how they live etc.

It may be the flea Pupae that you are seeing.


best wishes kate

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white crystals: are they flea eggs?
by: Courtney

Sounds a lot like ear mites. They live all over a furry body, especially chin, chest and neck area. Try a parasite cream.

by: Anonymous

Flea eggs r white not brown

Comment from Kate
I think I was thinking of flea dirts.

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