Why did my cat die?

by Eric

Hi My name is Eric. My cat Smokie died today at the age of 14. Over the past year he began to lose weight and loose fur on his legs mostly his hind legs. He was so boney but he still ate regularly. At times he would almost loose the ability to walk. He would wobble around and sometimes fall down. I'm not sure what this was but I'de like to know.

Thanks, Eric

Answer by Kate
I am not a vet and also the only way to really know what could have been the problem is to have an altopsy.
It could of course simply be old age or it could have been a thyroid problem. this causes rapid weight loss even thoudg the cat eats well. Eventuall the muscle starts to waste away as well and this may have made your cat wobbly on his legs. A vet would have been able to diagnose thios with a blodd test.
I am sorry to hear of your loss

best wishes

Comments for Why did my cat die?

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A beautiful Seal Point Himilayan died at 19
by: Smokie's Mom

I am devastated...he started losing weight and I could feel his bones. He was hungry all the time and followed me to the kitchen every time I went there for any reason.

I spent a fortune on this particular brand of cat food that he liked and would go through several packages every day.

Last night he started crying and when he tried to walk he would fall down and lay on his side. I really wanted him to die at home in his sleep, but that wasn't the case. I wrapped him in a blanket and went to the vet at 11:30 PM. I stayed with him until the very last moment before the injection...he was laying on his side with his eyes closed. I kissed him on the head and said "it's time to go night-night Smokie" I hope they are ghost cats cause I could sure use a visit from my Smokie.

He had a great life...went on a sailboat to Catalina several times, went to the mountains of So. Calif., traveled from Calif to Texas where he could finally walk on grass. He won the longest whisker contest at the pet hotel in Newport Beach.

My heart is breaking.

im not a vet
by: Tracy

I just lost my cat to feline lukemia I found out she had it young and she lived till she was eight. but she lost a lot of weight and it took about 6 month for her to die and she was so thin I had years to prepare for this and it was devistating mabe that is what happened to your cat it could have gotten lukemia or the FHIV feline aids mabe this helps I didnt think I wanted to but got 2 kittens now and they have definately helped the ain

Answer by mary
by: Anonymous

Hi Eric!

I am not a vet either, but I have had a similar experience to yours.
I found out that my cat was diabetic, one of the symptoms with a diabetic cat, is that they lose the feeling in their back legs, so they walk on their "hocks", which caused them to be very clumsy. Their back legs slide out from under them, (Because they can't feel them) which sometimes causes them to fall.
Cats with diabetes can be treated with insulin, just like humans, but it is hard to detect, so it often goes untreated, and unfortuanaly ending in death.
I'm sorry for you loss, I know it is very hard.
After treating my diabetic cat for a year, I just lost him a week ago.

Comment by Kate
thank you mary for your imput it was very informative.
I am sorry for your loss and send you my best wishes.

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