Why do cats disapper when they're sick

by miss.j.powell
(neath,wales,united kingdom)

this has always puzzled me why do cats go away to die i havet had a cat do that but it a well known fact they leave if they know there time is up but wouldnt it be better to be among loved ones in there finally moments so we can comfort and love them i asked my mammy this question but what is the really reason for what they do?

well there is probably no one real reason for this behavior and as you say not all cats do it.

I had a cat when i was small who had cancer, she spent weeks just sleeping under my chair and then one day she went missing. We found her a couple of days later, she had gone outside and crawled under a pile of wood my dad was cutting up and had slipped quietly away there.

Cats like to be left alone when they are sick. Just imagine if you were feeling really ill and someone kept patting you or picking you up etc. Also often when cats feel unwell they can get a little grumpy too. So this could be why they will often take themselves off to die. I think they just prefer to be quiet and just slip away.

Remember cats are not humans and don't have the same feelings and emotions as we do and don't have the same thought patterns as we do. So although as humans we like to have people around when we are very ill.

Hope i have been able to answer your question.


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