Why do so many people declaw their cats?

by louise

I've came here to ask a question about my cat but reading through I've noticed that a lot of people declaw their cats. Isn't that cruel?

It sounds dreadful, and I'd never heard of it before now. But why do it? What's the point?

Answer by Kate
the practice of declawing a cat is more prevalent in the USA and is in fact illegal here in the UK.

Yes it is cruel the procedure is the same as having your knucles amputated. Some cast end up with pain fterwards. It also effects their ability to climb and also to protect themselves.

It is mainly done by selfish cat owners who want to own a cat but who don't want their furniture scratched etc. that is the only reason. I absolutely hate it and there are lots of campaigns to stop it in the US also.

Thank you for dropping by and participating in my web site. I also live in the UK and it is nice to hear from a fellow resident from this little isle.

best wishes KAte

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Ever hear of a scratching post.
by: Karen

I think the declawing cats is just awful. I have strictly indoor cats so they don't need claws for defense. My two cats (adult cat and her momma-both spayed)have a cat tower. It has tall posts with rope wrapped tightly around them. They derive so much pleasure sratching and climbing this tower that it would break my heart for them to lose their claws. They also wear down their own claws so they aren't razor sharp. Most cats will not mess with your furniture if they are provided with their own "piece of furniture."

by: AnonymousPat

I've not declawed my kitten tho she is an indoor only cat. However, I have thought about it due to my health problems with several autoimmune diseases and taking blood thinners the rest of my life. If I were to get an infection, it will probably kill me or nearly so. It isn't selfishness......it's wanting the love and companionship but safeguarding myself.

You can't have it all and declawing a cat is cruel and can cause lasting pain for the cat. I understand your problem but if you love animals then you will decide that for your sake and the cats sake that it would be better for you to get an animal where the danger of being scratched is rare./ what about a dog?

my cat
by: Anonymous

I adopted a cat 11 years ago who had both front and back claws removed. She was declawed because her owner had a disabled young son and did not want him to be scratched. The vet did both front and back because of this. The woman I took her from said she was told most vets do not do both. She does not like her paws to be touched ever so I can only assume it is painful to her.

by: Louise

It's totally unnecessary. Kittens *will* scratch the furniture, but will soon learn to use the scratching post or an outside tree if taught. Like dogs *will* piddle everywhere until taught -what do you do to them? The mind boggles.

So glad there are decent American people who want this banned.

Cat Declawing Proceedure
by: Mary F

I live in the USA and yes, we are a country that declaws cats like it is a simple remedy for scratched furniture.
Most USA people think this proceedure is simply removing the nail from the nail bed. WRONG!
It is a painful proceedure involving removal of bones and tendones.
I have been in Cat Rescue for many years and have seen first hand the horrible pain a cat endures from this surgery.
I am thrilled to see that the UK does not allow this legally.
I have supported several movements to try to stop this painful proceedure in our feline friends but to date it is still legal and done daily in Vet clinics all over the USA and to those Vets and those owners, I say SHAME ON YOU!
I have several INSIDE ONLY cats and there is NO WAY I would do this to one of my cats.
There are many ways to train a cat to not claw furniture.
It only requires the owner to be persistant and patient.
Thank you to those of you who do not do this to your cats.
On behalf of the cats who have their claws
PLEASE consider training techniques instead of de-clawing.

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