why does my cat beat up my kitten

by azailia mayleeberg

i am really curios to find out why my 2 year old cat still beats up my kitten after like 9 months ago when we got her?? whenever my cat(bella) beats up kitten (shadow) kitten always growls and then makes this high pitched meow. and bella climbs on top of her and starts biting her. she also take out tuffs of black fur from the kitten, bella will attack her any where.... in the katlitter her own room. please tell me why she does this an how we can stop this....

Firstly are both your cats spayed? I ask this because if not this will cause extra tension between them. female cats in particular can be very aggressive towards each other if they are not spayed.

Cats d not always get along, sometimes the best we can hope for is that they just rub along by ignoring each other and trying not to get in each other s way.

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