Why does my cat make little grumbling noises?

by Emma

Jack our cat

Jack our cat

Hello! I am a huge cat-lover - like yourself ;) I have 4 cats (2 of them are siblings and 3.5 years old). One is 10 and one is 7 months.

One of the siblings is Jack - a gorgeous cat who has a lot of Maine Coon in him, from appearance to nature! However, he follows my son around at night making little noises. He is a very vocal cat anyway, more than the rest, and I know this is a trait of Coons. He loves attention whenever he can get it, loves the belly-rub and is just a gorgeous lovable boy.

My son will be sat on his computer at night until 2-3-4am and Jack will constantly sit and make noises at him (these noises are hard to explain, but like little grumbles) and my son will try to work out what it is Jack wants, bearing in mind he has a cat-flap and so isn't telling us he wants to go out, has plenty of drinking water, in a "Drinkwell" fountain - always fresh, has food ready available at all times, a clean litter-box, two of them (one in the garden and one in the house). And he gets so much love from everybody in the house! So he is certainly never ever short on love and cuddles ;)

I am not concerned he is not well as he has always done this and is fine, and has recently seen the vet
while having his annual inoculations. I am just intrigued and desperate to find out what he is trying to say to us :) I hope you can shed some light, I would be so grateful to you!

Kindest regards,

Emma :)

This sounds like a little cat I know called collie. From day one she constantly makes little chirping mumbles all the time whenever you are around. I have had cats in my life forever and I have never come across cat who mumbles all the time.

I really don’t think there is one particular reason for this behaviour I think it is just in their nature.

As you know cats use their meows etc for different reasons and one of these reasons s that they have come to learn that we communicate with speak or sound and so some cats really pick up on this and so mimic us to sort of ingratiate themselves with us, be part of our gang as it were. And with cats such as yours they simply are so attached to people that this has turned into a full time occupation.

We love collie and her little sounds and it gets her a lot of attention, there you are, it worked, she got what she wanted. She definitely is a people cat, sounds like your Jack is the same.

Thank you for visiting my site, hope you like it and will come back soon 

Best wishes Kate

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grumble kitty
by: Anonymous

I think it is when they want attention, and when they want to be in the focus.

It happened just now as my cat jumped on the desk and lied down in front of me and grumbles like she has stomach burps. but I believe she is just trying to get my attention from off the screen :D

My tortie does this too
by: bumble bee

I have been trying to figure out what to even call this, mumbling, humming, grumbling, but my tortie does this all the time. I too do not believe it is anything to do with distress, illness, etc, but is a unique vocalization. My tortie is also a love bug, follows me around everywhere, and is very vocal. She can make these sounds when you touch/gently poke her when she is lying down, patting her, or all on her own for no reason. I wonder if it is an acknowledgement that they are aware of someone there. I really have not seen this cat vocalization addressed anywhere either. Which is why I am here trying to figure it out.

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