why does my cat.......

by yvette
(clovis, ca)

what does it mean when every time i go to pet or touch my cat she always meows. How can i tell if shes welcoming my petting, or is it bothering her?

Answer by kate

Well my own cat will meow too when I stroke her but it's just her way of greeting me.

As long as when you do touch her she does not pull away, hiss, or make distressed sound then I wouldn't worry. It's probably just her habit of greeting you when you approach her.

best wishes Kate

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new cat owner: Confused???
by: luke

Hi, my name is luke
First of all my cat has a weird smell and has since we bought the cat why is this?
My brother Dylan recons it because im smelling the cats anus but i dont think i am.
Is the cats anus really located nere the tail, as my brother Dylan say's, or is the anus nere the stomach under neath the cat (while standing)

Answer by KAte
the anus is located near the tail at the rear.

My cat also has bad breath why is this. and it always bites me on the nose. My brother says to stop sniffing the cats mouth and it wont bite my nose in the first place, but why does my cats breath smell so bad? can i give the cat mints?

Answer by KAte
It is possible that your cat has some bad teeth which is causing the bad breath. Might be a good idea to have a vet check them out. I wouldn't give your cat mints.

My cats eyes are also a greeny yellow colour is this normal or are the cats eye infected?

Answer by kAte
this sounds like a normal cat eye colour. An infection would cause googy stuff to come out of them at the sides.

Please reply

Regards luke

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