Why does my cat's backend move up when I pet it?

by me

Whenever I pet my cat, and stroke her on the back from her head to her tail, her back end goes up in the air, as though it is bothering her. Why is this?

Newbie Cat-Owner

Answer by Kate
hi no this is a normal reflec for cats. All of mine does it. I don't think there is a definite answer as to why they do it, it must just feel nice when you stroke them.

if you are new to cat ownership, can i suggest that you take a look around my site for general cat care and health tips, cat behavior can be rather confusing if you are not used to it etc.

best wishes kate

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Twitching Cat Tail
by: Kristen

Just a side note on your cats tail twitching - mine do that when they're annoyed. It's like the cat version of rolling their eyes. My cat Kali tries to be pleasant and friendly, but she can only take short amounts of petting at a time. If anyone goes past her limit; her tail starts twitching and if they're not paying attention to her body language and kept petting past her "it's getting annoying" level, then they can expect a quick bite from her saying it's enough.

by: me

Thank you for the answer Kate. Another question, now and then, my cat, Demeter, will twitch her back and her tail, like what a horse will do if it feels a fly on its skin. Could this be a dry-skin itch / twitch, as our house is very dry?

Answer by Kate
Hi, well all my cats have done this from time to time, it is simply a reflex from something making them itch. it could be a flea, static or as you say dry skin. If it only happens occasionally i wouldn't worry too much, but if it happens more frequently then check to see if there are fleas of that the skin is dry

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