Why does my kitten constantly meow for no reason?

by Nicole

Hi,I recently bought a traditional siamese seal point kitten and i'll just start by saying she's absolutely adorable and i already love her sooo much,however;she's constantly meowing and most of the time for absolutly nothing!I was wondering if theres any way I could get her to stop meowing as much? I mean I understand if she meows because she needs to use the litter box or she's hungry or wants attention,etc.. But most of the time she's doing it for no reason,like wandering around exploring or just sitting there looking at you or while she's playing?!? I just wanted to know if there was any particular reason behind it or any way i could get her to not meow so much?

Answer by Kate
Well what can i say Siamese cats are very vocal and i mean very voacl they are famous for it and they will use their voice all the time it is a part of their personality. Like you say it doesn't have to be for any particular reason.

As for getting her stop the quick answer is i don't think so it would like trying to get a chatty child to be quiet. Sorry but it is all part of their very unique personality. I'm sure you will just grow to get used to it and love her all the more.
Thanks in advance, Nicole

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by: Bec

Hi, I have an 8 week old European short hair. it is her first week in a new house and she meows a lot. At first, I thought she needed something, but I feed her, take her to the littler box and try cuddles and play games yet she persists.

I now think she just talks to me, so I talk back.

Am I wrong, is she asking for something more?
She likes to meow in-between her naps. More so when she shifts her position.

vet check next week, so hopefully, they will know.

code words!
by: Anonymous

Ive always found start with doing what thier mum does, if thier scared go to them, hold them and use your own reassurance words then later dont touch them just use the words, talk back to them. Some are used to talking constantly to let you know thier there and safe or to ask you to get them. Though, mine wakes up, and cries to find me and meows for nap time then falls asleep when I hold him! Im going away with them soon, haven't a clue how he'll cope not having a nap on a train. Lol

Mewing Kitty
by: Anonymous

We have a new kitten, whos about 8 or 9 weeks old. He meows and mews almost all the time. He wants attention he mews, he wants you to carry him to his litter box or food bowl he mews (and yes I have discovered he does it so you will actually pick him up and take him to it), hes tired he mews, he even mews/meows when just exploring and playing. I have to admit its very annoying and gets on my nerves. I have tried to ignore the behavior and it works only part of the time. Im hopeful he will outgrow this!

Meowing Kitten
by: Chelsie

My Kitten is 5 months old now, and he is still meowing all the time. I asked the vet and she said that I just have a vocal kitten and he is just meowing to show his affection. I am very loving to my kitten and even when I am giving him all of my attention, he still meows. I found when I talk to him, he meows back like we are having a conversation. I love that my kitten is vocal, but I was concerned he was meowing because he was in pain or sick. The vet said he is healthy though.

by: lilly

If your cat meows maybe it's because it misses it's real family!When my kitten was with her mom she never meowed but when i adopted her my cat meowed sooo much!
Give your cat lots of love.
I Hope this works

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