Why does my new cat have soft poo?



I recently got a 6mo. old persian kitten. He has extremely long white fur. Unfortunately after I've had him for about 2-1/2 weeeks he started having very soft poo. He gets it stuck all through his fur on his rear end, legs, and feet. I have been feeding him the same dry food and no canned food. Once in a while it will be solid but for the most part it's soft. Do you think this is something serious enough to visit the vet about?

Answer by Kate

Well often it is a change in food type from what they had before and also the change in environment that can cause this sort of tummy trouble.

I would give it another week and as long as you don't see any other signs of illness it should clear up. however if not then yes i would take him to the vets just in case it is something else.

It is always a good idea to take a new pet to the vets when you first get them anyway, i always do as it will pick up on anything that could be wrong such as worms etc it will also give you peace of mind and a good starting place for your new life together.

i do have a web page about cat diarrhea which you mind find of further help. here


best wishes Kate

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My cat had soft poo too!
by: Anonymous

Hello there!

When I first brought home my new Siberian kitten last March, everything was going well. But he started having soft poo exactly as you describe. He would have it all over his butt and everywhere. This went on for months!!! And yes, Siberians are long haired cats too. In September of '09, Spot (my cat) started puking...he puked 8 times in 6 hours...and we took him to the vet. It ended up being a hairball stuck in his stomach...he couldn't puke it up nor could he pass it. We starved him and just let him have water (through IV) for a day...and then he ended up passing the hairball. I don't know if it's the same thing with your cat...but to save you $1300 and worry...it may be that your cat is like mine: He/she doesn't wanna throw up his hairballs. So he just eats and eats his hair. I now brush my cat every single night for 10 minutes at least, and I also give him hairball treats. Also, I think since my cat is 14 months old now he's growing out of it. ...I hope this helps!

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