Why does my old cat keep crying to go outside

by susan
(chicago, il)

My cat is 16 years old and has been an inside cat all her life. However, in the past month or so she keeps crying to go outside. She has gotten out twice and been lost. Luckily, we found her. Why has her behavior changed. Any advice on what to do.

Answer by Kate
Hi, well it is not unusual for a cats behaviour to change from time to time, especially as they get older.

cat meowing can have many reasons see here


It may be that there is another cat outside lately that she can smell and wants to get out there, or it could be age related. Sometimes as they get older cats can become more vocal, especially if there eye sight is fading or if they start to suffer from age related illnesses like dementia see here for information on this


As to what you can do, well distraction is probably the best option. make her home environment as stimulating and as distracting as possible to take her mind off the outside world. See here for some ideas.


best wishes Kate

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old cat's
by: paul

coming to the end of there lives and looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet to pass away,that's what my 17 year old did

crying to go outside
by: Angelika Hillewaere

My now 13 year old cat is constantly meowing to go outside now and she's never been bothered by not going out at all. The other night I let her out as she likes to sniff/go on deck then come back in. This time she got lost. Thankfully I found her. I'm afraid she'll get hurt or not find her way home. So sad for her. Don't know what to do.

Crazy cat
by: Anonymous

Our cat is 16 years old he has never wanted outside . Last two weeks he runs out the door we have been letting him stay out for awhile. I don't know whats up with that cat . We live out in the country im afraid something is going to get him .

Elderly cat suddenly wants out
by: Anonymous

My 18 year old male cat suddenly wants to be let out of the flat. He was an indoors cat all his life but when very young he used to try to open the flat's door - he has not done anything of the kind for the last 10 years. Our door opens to a freezing building corridor, there is nothing attractive about it. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience?

Old cats unusual behaviour
by: Linda

We are having an awful time with our old much loved cat,tinkerbell she came to us as a stray 9 years ago the vet said she was about 8 years so she's about 17 now her behaviour has totally changed, lately, she was a house cat never made any mess in the house,always used her tray,she's started going out all the time,we really struggle to get her in, she has started to mess in the house eats loads of food and meows a lot , she even goes to sleep outside when it's pouring with rain,it's so sad to see such a change in her because we love her so much,I suppose her end is near, it's so sad :

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