Why dose my female cat mewos very long sound like she is whinning

by Constance
(Hawthorne Ca US)

My best friend came to Los Angeles for about two weeks while she was here she would rub and talk to my cat she was so seren and quite but when she went home on yesterday early this morning around 2am she begin to whine and meow really lound like a baby is she in heat or is she missing my best friend. I called my best friend for her to hear how my baby was acting and when I put her voice on speaker the cat got quite for about 30 mintues and once I hung up she begin to do it again please tell us what we have to do. By the way she has never been fixed yet thought she was just to young she is about 4 to 5 months old

Answer by KAte
well at your cats age she is moving into the time where she can go into heat so it may be linked to that. It may also be a little bit of seperation anxiety. She may have bonded with your friend and now is missing them.

Your best option is to try and distract your cat from any concerns she may have with some new toys and lots of attention from you.


I would also look into booking her in for spaying soon as this will help to settle her down.

I have a web page about cats in heat which you may find of further interest here


best wishes Kate

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