Why Is My Cat Lethargic
After Getting His Shot?

My Question - Why is my cat lethargic after getting his shot?

My cat is just over a year old and got his updated rabies and FelV shot yesterday. (The FelV shot also included a tracheitis and one other disease which escapes me now)

He is eating and going to the washroom okay, be he's just..slow today. He played a little and is mainly resting. 

Mr. Boo Boo Monkey Pants

He was VERY sick after his 1st checkup and shots with the vet about a year ago. (Turns out the vet gave him a canine not feline shot...we have since switched vets)

But he got so sick last time, fever, vomiting, dehydration etc, that he had to be hospitalized for 3 days.

So I guess I am asking if it is normal for a cat to be lethargic and tired after routine shots?

He is not shivering or hiding like he did when he was sick. But he is usually quite active,and I am a little worried.

by Edith (Canada)


My cat was the same. every year after she got her booster shots she was very lethargic for a couple of days afterwards, it was almost like she had the flu. 

It is not unusual when you consider that vaccination is a small dose of an actual illness so it is not surprising that for some cats they react differently to the shot as their body tries to combat the possible illness.

It should only last for a few days if not contact your vet. 

Also next time you have to get her shots mention to the vet about the reaction she has to them, they may be able to as mine did change the type of vaccination to something which is less likely to cause any upset.

Please see my page about cat vaccines for more information.

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Why is my cat lethargic after getting his shot?

by: Anonymous 

My kitten is just 10 weeks old and I took him for his second dose of the distemper shot. I jokingly asked if she could put a small sedative in there and she replied obviously that no but this wouldn't do anything to him. How wrong she was!! 

That night he was more subdued than usual and he slept with me the whole night long. He ate early in the morning but vomited then around 10:30am and again at noon and again around 2 plus he slept almost the whole day. He started getting back to his normal playful self around 9pm.

Like people I guess all cats react differently plus age might also be a consideration but I think when I joked about a sedative ,the vet could  have forewarned me of typical reactions that may or may not occur because until I found this article I was extremely worried on a Sunday morning!!

Vaccine by: Jenny 

My Mom's cat is very lethargic too after getting her update vaccine. Doesn't eat normal and doesn't drink water like she use to. It's been over a week. Wonder if that vet gave her a canine shot? Spooky!

lethargic kitten by: Anonymous 

my 3 month old kitten is the same and Kate's comment has reassured me. Thanks

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