why is my cat making that noise??

by linda

my cat makes a god aweful noise while carrying around things. It is a really loud whine, or yowling type noise and the only time she is doing it is when she is carrying things. Do you know why she is doing this noise?

Answer by Kate
Cats are funny things arn't they and if we knew why they did everything they do we would certainly be very smart people.

I have had many cats over the years and all have had strange little quirks that I haven;t been able to explain. I guess it is just there own unique personaility.

Your cat could be growling to warn others not to come near as they are simulating carrying either their babies or prey. Thjis sound can be very strange and is made down in their throat.

I wouldn't worry about it, just don't try and take the thing away from them when they are growling or you may find yourself in big trouble with your kitty.

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