Why is my cat peeing everywhere?

by Felicia

My cat is a two year old male and fixed. A couple weeks ago our dog's bed smelled like urine we were first unsure of which of the two animals might have done it. We washed the bed and brought out an older dog bed that we got when our dog was a puppy. Our dog sleeps at the foot of the bed at night. We woke up in the morning and the other dog bed smelled like pee. So we began picking up the dog bed and placing it in another room when we're not home or we're asleep. That seemed to do it for a few days, then we found a puddle of urine by the our chair in the living room while the dog had been outside. After that just a day or so ago the cat walked up to my dog's bed which sits next to my computer desk and urinated in it while I sat there staring stupidly at him. I came home today to find the cat sitting in his pee position peeing on my couch. I thought about taking him to the vet but the last vet visit didn't go well, we where lucky they actually got his shots in him. We were there for ten minutes before they gave up trying to get his temp, all said and done two shots took about thirty five minutes. Nothing has changed in our house...he uses the same litter he's always used, food is the same, furniture hasn't moved! If it matters when he was about 6-8 months old he use to urniate on eletrical cords for some reason. But he hasn't done that in forever. I'm at a loss at what to do, any ideas?

Answer by Kate
As you probably know cats use their urine as a form of communication. It serves several purposes, to tell other animals that this area belongs to them and also i helps to reassure the cat i.e if the place smells like them then everything is OK.

I suspect that your cat is using his scent to mark the dogs area t hep reassure himself that he also belongs there. Why he suddenly feels that he needs to reassure himself is anyones guess, cats are complicated creatures.

Anyway you need to spend some time making your cat feel at home, happy and contented again. This can be done with a period of litter training using the confinement method and also providing the cat with new distractions to keep himself happy and stimulated in the home (even if he does go outside the inside environment needs to be interesting too)

The two methods are described here on my web pages



best wishes Kate

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