why is my cat scared of me?

by chloe

my cat used to be so loving and friendly now he wants nothing to do with me and hes totally terrified, he stays out all day and i dont no if me being pregnant could be related to this? why is my cat scared of me?

Amswer from KAte
Cats react to smell, sound, sight and even other peoples emotions, so it could well be that he is reacting to all the changes which may be happening in your home. for instance new baby things being bought home, your different behavior or even your smell may be worrying him.
Cats react to change by being fearful and or aggressive. It sounds like your cat is just deciding to stay away from all the changes.

he should settle down ove time, let him do things his way. give him some exctra treats and perhaps spend a little time trying to play with new toys with him. Dont try and force the issue as this will just make things worse.

Dont worry this should just be a temporary situation.

best wishes Kate

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