Why is my male cat biting my female kitten?

by rose

my female kitten is in heat but my older male cat keeps batting her head and biting her ears why is this.

You did not mention if your male cat is neutered or not so it is difficult to know whether or not this is part of getting the females attention and trying to mate with her or not.

If he is neutered then it may simply be that he is playing with the other cat. Sometimes there play can look like fighting.

Also if your female cat is in heat she will smell different and even if your male cat is neutered he will find this new smell a little unsettled which in turn may make him a little aggressive toward her.

I am a strong advocate of having cats spayed and neutered. i have seen too many unwanted kittens put to sleep because there are not enough homes for them all. So may I suggest that you consider having your female cat spayed as soon as possible, there are so many benefits including health ones for your cat too. See this page for more on this here


best wishes kate

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