Why is my mum cat biting her kittens

by Shannon Lee

My cat had recently given birth to four kittens, she started nursing them and looking after them like every good mother should. She didn't mind when we touched them so we thought it would be okay to take the box out to the lounge so i could show them to my friends. The mother cat then found her kittens and she must have thought they weren't hers or something because she started to bite their necks. The kittens were crying so it must have been hurting them.We took the mother cat away from them for a few minutes then we let her back in to see them. She was fine, she let them feed and looked after them like nothing had happenned.The next day i heard the kittens crying so i went to have a look and she was doing it again; biting their necks. I growled at her but then i realised she was only biting their necks when the kittens meowed. Maybe it is some form or parenting like she is growling at them for being naughty as such. Can anyone please help me as to why she might be doing this??

Thankyou :)

Answer from Kate

It is unlikely that she is biting them in an aggressive way. Often this sort of behavior is associated with discipline but it can also be the way she moves them around by picking them up by the neck.

Kittens will cry all the time especially if they are very young.

Check your kittens necks to make sure there are no puncture wounds etc and if not then I really wouldn't worry and allow the queen to take care of her family and teach them all the things a good mum cat should.

The first 7 weeks of a cats life is very important for so many reasons, socialization being one of them. I have some web pages about kitten care and this issue too which you may find to be of further interest and help. Here is the first page


best wishes Kate

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Mother cat biting
by: Anonymous

My cat has has just had 6 kittens, but she keeps biting a specific kitten she was letting it feed and she groomed it why is she doing this?

Mum cat
by: Anonymous

Hi my mum cat was in heat for a WK mangered to get out of house for half a day she came back attacking me and her 8month old kittens she didnt like me touching her stomach does anyone know wat is going on thanks

Why my mother cat do not care for her left 4 day old kitty?
by: Krishna

My cat gave birth for a 3 cute kitties then after 3 days we found 2 dead kitties with a bite mark on their necks so the 1 kitty left was hidden by the mother cat inside our cabinet. After a few hours the kitten is crying maybe because of hunger but the mother cat do not care instead, she is meowing at me wants to be pet by me. So I moved her beside her left kitty she let her kitty feed on her but she then leave the kitty immediatly. So I moved her again to her kitty then I found that she is biting her kitty on the neck and tummy. So I stopped her and moved her away. I went downstairs then the mother cat followed me. And I came back upstairs and followed me again and heard her kitty was crying and moved beside the kitty with her own and licked it. Why she bite her kitty? Is it possible that she will bite them if I touched them?

Mother Biting Kittens
by: Anonymous

My cat recently had four kittens. I noticed when one of the kittens cried she would bite their neck. At first I got scared so I took her away for a little bit but when she came back she went back to nurturing and grooming them. I looked it up only but it seems she does this to teach them. The kittens had no marks on their necks so I assume she wasn't being aggressive but instead scolding her kittens for being too rowdy! 😸

Open wounds
by: Anonymous

I have 2 four week old kittens with open wounds on their necks. The marks look like either bite or scratch marks. We think from the mother picking them up to ruff. But not sure. My mom has been putting bag balm on the cuts and keeping the mother away for a few hours so she doesn't lick it off. I'm not sure what else to do as we can't afford to go to a vet. Please help.

by: rachel

My cat has had 4 kittens and she is biting them what does it mean

Mother biting kittens
by: Anonymous

Hi my cat had 4 kittens 4 days ago and I have just seen her biting them she is feeding them and cleaning them but I am scared for the kittens

by: Shannon Lee

Thankyou for your answer, i guess i was just a little bit scared as this is her first time being a mum!
Thankyou for your feedback and i will leave her alone, and just let her do her thing.
Thanks !! Shannon :)

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