Why water

by William Comfort
(St.Catharines,Ontario Canada)

I have a male white cat that insists that he has to play in the water first.He'll splash it all over the place then put both front paws in the water then take a drink.To me it's almost like he can't see the water in the bowl.WHY does he do this.

Answer by Kate
Well I think this is impossible to answer really. Either like you say your cat has eyesight problems or he may just like playing with water. Over the years I have seen some very strange habits coming from cats and perhaps this is one of them.

I fhowever you are concerned about your cats eyesight then it may be worth having him checked out by a vet. At least that way you may be able to understand some of his behaviors.

Best wishes Kate

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Why water
by: Jen

I have only had my cat since January this year,and she showed signs of not being thirst driven whereby she became constipated and listless,I Googled her problem and the best answer I got which worked was to give her filtered water (which I filter for myself as well)and to add an ice cube or two (made from filtered water) she also played with it for awhile then decided to drink,finding it good stuff lol.. now I have no problems with her thirst drive.
Hope this works for you as it is a worry especially in the hotter season..

by: Anonymous


Our cat does this too
by: Shel

its quite entertaining. he will smack the water as hard as he can and then follow the splash with his eyes to see how far he can make it go. we have tile floors so its just a matter of wiping it up. it gives him so much pleasure i have to let him do it every once in awhile. it is the funniest thing to watch.

Mine does this too!
by: Anonymous

My cat does this too, so I bought him one of those fountains and he doesn't do it anymore. He also likes drinking from the sink. He won't drink water that isn't moving. I was so sick of cleaning up the mess, that the fountain was worth every penny.

by: Laura

Your cat is doing this to check to see if there is water in its dish. They can't see the water moving and its clear. I wouldn't worry about it.

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