why won't my cat eat what I give him?

by Kaye
(Richmond, VA)

I have a blue point siamese who drives me insane. I buy a box of food....he will devour the first couple cans of it. Or, this even happens when I am out of food and am giving him rotisserie chicken or something. He will eat it the first couple of times....and then...nothing! He won't eat!! He looks at it and runs back to me, tripping me every step I take..follows me all over the house...won't give up!!! Why?? He just devoured the food a couple days earlier? I know he likes it. But, as of this minute, this cat has not eaten today at all and it is 4:25 p.m., because he does not want his fancy feast cans that he was loving a few days ago.

I do not spoil this cat....I have two young sons and am a single mother...I am very very busy. I am not around petting and doting on this cat 24/7 like some. I would think when I finally get the moment to open some food and feed this cat, he would be appreciative that he at least HAS FOOD and would EAT it!!! My previous cat ate nothing but dry food and was ALWAYS happy to get it. I NEVER switched around brands and worried about whether or not she would eat. She ate the same thing every day!!!!!!

WHAT IS THE DEAL?????????????????????????/

HELP...I'm going to have to get rid of this obnoxious cat if I can't figure this out!


Answer by Kate
Hi well some cats are just more fussy eaters than others and siamese can be a little more fussy. Also it is a natural instinct to want different food from time to time, it stems from the fact that in the wild they can't rely on one food sorce in case it is not available. I know this sounds strange for a domestic cat but the instincts never leave them.

My own cat can be like that too. What I do is have several different flavours available in the house and I also mix dry and wet food togeather.

I know it can be frustrating but cats can be tricky little so and so's. I do have some pages here on this site about cat food issues for your information. They may help.

if you really feel that his behavor is getting you down then it may be better for both of you if you could find him another home.

I wish you and your family well and a happy new year.

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