Why wont my cat go outside?

by angela malcolm
(inverness, scotland)

My house cat

My house cat

I have a 1 year old tom cat and ever since i have had him(from 12wks)he seems scared of the outdoors!

He refuses to go out and if i put him out to try(not often)he runs around the side of the house and cries at the porch door! he is neutered chipped and fully immunized so i was all prepared for him to one day want to go out but nope! Id like him to stop using a litter tray and go outside for his business but he just refuses! I never ever force him our nor will i ever, he is getting no exercise staying indoors and that cant be healthy, right?
He does however go out when its dark now and again, but will only sit out in the garden! There seen to be cars all around here that love to play out, but not my Quil, he just sits in and sleeps all day more or less! Its not even as if he wants attention from me or the kids because he dont like to be held stroked or wont com and see you if you call, he just attacks you instead, not a bad attack, more of a dive when you walk by him! The vet doesn't say much when i ask about it.
Any ideas why he is like this? Is this normal cat behavior? Can i change his attitude to the outside world at all?


Well what can i say, some cats are just very nervous and find the outside very frightening. My sister had a cat who did not want to go outside at all but he had some eye sight problems which made it difficult for him to see very far and so he felt vulnerable to attack.

In your cats case it may simply be because there could be another cat in the area which he can smell and which he is fearful of. This is not unusual if you have a un neutered tom cat in the area who may be scenting around your house and so warning off your cat. At night time there is more cover and places to hide and this may be why he feels happier to go out at night time.

It is no real issue apart from of course the litter issue for you. Many cats in America live there lives inside totally and as long as they have lots to do in the house to keep them active and happy then they should be fine.

All my cats have been inside / outside cats and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But at the end of the day it is what makes your cat happy that counts. I wouldn’t be surprised though that after some more time as he gets older he may start to venture outside more. Make sure he is micro chipped though just in case he wanders off and gets a little lost.

Best wishes kate

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Morris, one odd cat
by: Anonymous

Morris was a rescue, he was born in an attic. He was never touched until he was 6 weeks old. He was almost dead, but the vet gave me the meds and they saved his life. I have the whole litter. A year later, he is neutered, big, beautiful, and a big scared cat. He will not go outside. The other kitties do. He won't let anyone touch him but me.

by: Kathy

My cat was atackted several times when he was a kitten even if we were there.he won't go outside unless we are with him he is over weight and is 12 kgs .what can I do

Irregular activities
by: Anonymous

I have 2 cats, one very old, who is very good about doing his business outside, and a younger, dumber, fatter one who prefers the litter box. Recently, they have refused to go outside, and did their business all over the basement. I suspected that it was the neighbor cat, which has been generally terrorizing the cats recently, and even trying to get in through the cat door, but he was nowhere to be found. Are they scared of his scent, is it that they associate the outside and him, or is it something else?

he don't like outside
by: anna

I have a cat his name is cosmo. Cosmo don't like the outdoors I tried to take him out one day he fighted me and then his eyes got so big it was like a panic that he had. But I no one thing I'll never try taking him out again NEVER!

My cat
by: Anonymous

Hi so i got this cat of Gumtree from someone who can't look after him however he's always been an indoor cat he seems bored at homes so i try shutting the window and helping him but every time i try he just a meows frightendly i want to encourage him to visit the outside world but i don't know what to do and i don't want him getting lost or anything by running away.

my 8 month old cat
by: Anonymous

my 8 month old cat has been spayed and had her injections but wont go outside, I put her outside and she runs straight to the window and cries to be let back in, I even leave the window open for her to have the choice and she just sits on the windowsill, any tips to encourage her out ?

My Cat Won't Go Outside
by: Anonymous

My boy cat which I have had for about 3 years used to love to play outside with the other cat I have. The other cat is an outside cat and the cat with the problem has mostly been an inside cat. A few months ago this weird reaction started. We would put him outside and he would keep meowing to come inside. Finally he scratched a hole in the window screen if we didnt let him out quick enough. I dont know what to do, and I am very concerned about him. If anyone has any advice, please tell me.

our cat
by: carly

Our cat is almost 10 months old and we put him outside the window to go out and all he did was yowl to get back in he was petrified. He is a very active and lively cat i thought he would be made up to go out

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