Why would a cat lose fur on his nose?

by Ally

Recently my cat has been using the bathroom on my bed. He's over ten years old, and he's never had a problem with this before. The only serious health issue he had in the past were kidney stones, and that was several years ago. I moved into an apartment a few months ago with a minature dauchsaun. He peed on the bed about four weeks ago, and then four days ago he did it again. However, when I went out of town and came back today, he had peed again on my bed. At first I thought it was territorial, or stress, but I noticed today that he is losing fur on his nose. Is this connected to the puppy and stress or possilby a health issue?

Answer by Kate
the urine behavior sounds like a stress thing ie your cat is feeling unsecure in the home and is trying to make the house smell more like him to make him feel more comfortable. The bed is a favourite place as this will smell of you and this makes him feel safe there. he is not being destructive going there it just makes him feel better. You may have to confine him to one room with his litter and toys etc for a few days to let him calm down again and get used to the litter again. you will also have to thouroughly wash everything that he has weed on otherwise if he can still smell his urine he will think it is ok to go there. perhaps spray your bed with a lemon scent as cats don't like this.

the nose thing i don't think is related and could be a scapr with the dog or even over grooming. keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get worse or infected.

Please read my pages here about introdcubing cats (same for dogs) and litter training. Also if your cat is an indoor cat then they may be stressed due to boredom, see my page about inddor cats and how to keep there environement interesting. All pages can be found in the sitemap.

best wishes Kate

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