wierd cat behavior

by kelly warren

i recently moved in with my boyfriend.. his cat lucky was fine and acted normal until i left the other day and came back with my friend and some of my stuff from my other place my friend stayed the nite.lucky acted like normal hes very playful and likes to mess with you while you sleep. he was fine with my friend jackie played with her just like us but he started meowing long wierd meows ive never heard him meow like that ever! neither has my bf. we thought it might be because i brought back blankets that my previous kittens had slept on but i washed them and decided to throw them out just incase i used pet oder spray and frebreeze all over the house i thought that was the problem went to bed last night and everything was normally he woke me up this morning at 630 am meowing again! he meowed for an hr and a half and hes doing it again now. i cant figure out what is wrong with him. he is 8 months old and has been a house cat his entire life and hes not neutered.

Answer by Kate
This is a difficult question to answer as meowing behavior can be caused by so many things. Some cats just are more vocal, others use it to try and get your attention others as a sign of stress or upset.
Cats do have a very good sense of smell and perhaps he did get upsey by some new smells which he still is feeling uncertain about.
My advice would be to see how he is over the next week or so. Make sure he is not showing any other signs of distress ie not eating etc and hopefully his behavior will return to normal. if youi do see any other strange signs then perhaps a trip to the vets might be a good idea just to put your mind at rest about any possible physical causes.

Hopefully he will settle down again soon. Cats can be very sensitive creatures and their world can be turned up side down over the slightest thing some times.

best wishes Kate

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cat meowing
by: Anonymous

I would say neuter him as soon as possible........should take care of your problem.

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