Wild/Stray Kitty?

by Cathy
(New Hampshire)

Have had a stray/wild kitty on property for 2 years. Thought it was neighbors, but we have 53 acres and he/she seems to currently like it on a duffle bag on top of our skis in our shed. We recently started feeding as he/she was looking very thin. He is white and fluffy with a black mask and blue eyes. He is at the point where he doesn't bolt immediately, but waits for food. We set up a kitty condo with the hood of a snowmobile suit inside as it is getting cold. He wont come near us, or let us within about 8 feet.

He is scared, but sleeps in the condo, is there morning and night but gone for the day. Devours all food left for him. Do we trap? leave alone and feed? just leave alone? Help, we dont want him to suffer. He stayed this am and gave me a quick quiet meow, but ears tend to be flat...occasionally come up when I talk very quietly. Will take any advise.

~Getting colder in NH!

Answer by KAte
Hi well it sounds as if you are prepared to take care of him in the long run, providing food and comfort etc, so I would say that this cat will be fine out side as long as he gets food and has a warm place to sleep.

However I would strongly recommend trapping once to have hid neutered. It helps prevent unwanted pregnancies in your local area and so further cat suffering, it helps prevent some illnesses in cats as well as making him less likely to get into vicious fights where he could get injured.

Feral cats can live happily outside if they have some care and over time he may even become a little more friendly towards you, but feral cats always stay somewhat wild.

best wishes Kate

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Wild/ Stray cat
by: Anonymous

I work with Ferals and strays all the time and have some VERY helpful info if you'd care to have it.
If you will email me. I will send you some VERY helpful info on how to provide proper care for a feral in the winter with pics of feeding stations you can build cheaply and dry housing that is affordable and work great.

Mary in NC

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