will blood come out for some time even after cat died

by lakshmi

my 1 year old female cat which i was keeping indoors excaped through the window at night.she was spayed 2 months back.i found her dead in front of house in the morning.i brought her in.her toungue was sticking out sideways a little.thee was no injury of any kind outside,but for some time blood a little was coming from mouth ,no blood can be seen from outside .can blood come from mouth even after cat is dead.what could be the reason.how can blood come after death please answer this question.also i found that my cat was not stiff till i disposed her off at 7pm.kindly answer .

Hello Lakshmi

I am so sorry for your loss , this is terrible.

unfortunately sometimes internal injuries can cause bleeding from the mouth and may not be visible from outside.
She may have fallen badly and broken her neck, or she may have been kicked or struck by something. There is also the possibility of poison if that is a problem in your area.

the blood from the mouth can be an indication of internal bleeding which could be caused by either an injury or poisoning i'm afraid.

Again I am so sorry for your loss. It is no ones fault and you should not feel guilty at all. You did everything for your cat, you had her spayed which shows you really oared for her and wanted to take care of her.

Sometimes these things happen, there is no way of protecting yourself or your pets sometimes. Just know that while she was with you, she had love and care.

best wishes kate

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rip eva
by: Anonymous

the same thing happened to me today around 6 pm. i am still crying because i don't even know why and how she passed away.

Cat dead
by: Anonymous

Me and my wife takes care of random cats that took up at our house and we feed them,so today we fed them and all seem fine,until me and my wife to store and came back 40 mins later and found a male cat which was like 6 months or 8 dead under porch,and notice that he had thick blood in his mouth and on private part.he was fine and all before we left and just been trying to find out why he died all of sudden?he seem like a normal cat and all,didn't show any symptoms of anything.any leads or anything?

Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you for listening to me

by: Anonymous

My cat had no injuries, just stopped eating/drinking Sat.5 2015 died Sat.12th when l took her to the Vet when she died, he said she had more going on than the liver he felt liver cancer going that fast. The test showed her liver wasn't that bad everything checked out OK. Never vomit had diarrhea no weight loss!
I don't want autopsy, She will be back home I'm getting her ashes, It's heartbreaking for me to see her buddy looking for her.
Thank You

by: Anonymous

Iakshmi so sorry for your loss it's hard losing a pet take care

my baby
by: Anonymous

my healthy cat 7yrs old (just died sat) died 1 week after she didn't want to eat/drink she was up down for the week. The vet said it was her liver wasn.t that bad. He gave her pills for liver she only got to take 1, I got up the next morning she had trouble breathing l rushed her to emergency vet clinic couldn't help her the vet was busy, said she needed oxygen/intervenes. She died 10 minutes later, Why when she died did blood come out her mouth, even 3 hrs later the vet feels maybe it was liver cancer going so fast

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