Will cats go away to die?

by Monica
(White Haven, PA)

My cat was about 17 yrs old. She was getting a little wobbly after she slept when she tried to get up but other than that she seemed fine. 3 nights ago she went out and hasn't returned, this is highly unusual behavior for her. Would she have gone into the woods behind my house to die?

Answer by Kate
well sadly in some cases, some cats do take themselves off to die. I have only had one cat who has done this, she took herself off and buried herself under a huge pile of rubbish in the garden. I had to did her out to bury her.

So yes it is possible that she has taken herself off. but equally she may just be finding it difficult to get home. I would still look for her for a few more days in case is has got locked in a garage somewhere. you could also put posters up in case someone has seen her.

I hope she returns to you safe and sound.

best wishes Kate

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My cat may have gone away to die
by: durga

My 18-year-old cat who wasn't ill but getting old and a bit arthritic, was an indoor-outdoor cat, and went outside and never returned a few weeks ago. I looked everywhere I could, as we live in a wooded area, thick with brush, not good for walking. I'm afraid either a wild animal got him (we have fox and coyotes here), or he was just old and went out to die. I fear the former though, given he didn't appear ill, only arthritic. I'd like to believe it was his time, and he knew it, and before getting very ill or incontinent, which is common in old cats, he just spared me the pain. Trouble is, there is no closure with no body, and now there is a foot of snow, and I wouldn't find him anyway. The two nights before his disappearance he was unusually affectionate and slept curled up in my bed alongside of me. He usually stayed outside the covers, so who knows. They are mysterious and sensitive creatures and I miss him very much.

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