Will my newly rehomed rescue cat take to a second rehomed rescue cat?

Last weekend we brought home from our local rescue centre a very loving and affectionate cat called Ferry. She is so adorable and loves to follow me and my husband around the house.

Yesterday we brought home a second rescue cat from the same centre. The second cat (Sophie) is used to living with cats, so inroducing her to Ferry was not a problem, however Ferry does not like Sophie at all. Ferry's behaviour has changed dramatically from being very loving and wanting to be near humans to be very distant and confining herself to the bedroom.
Will Ferrys loving nature return? I am now thinking it was not the best idea to bring Sophie home.

Answer by Kate
I think you may have answered your own question. bringing home another cat so soon after rehomeing Ferry was probably a mistake. Ferry needs more time to settle into her home and make herself feel comfortable and settled before having to deal with another cat within the territory.
I don't know how you introduced them, normally i recommend the procedure outlined under the cat training pages here about introducing cats to each other. it is a gentler process than gives the cats time to get used to new scents etc.

Perhasp give that procedure a try for a good week or so and lets hope that ferry can find her confidence within her new home and with this new cat so that she will return to her normal self.

It is importnat that Ferry is given access to only a small area of the house at a time so that she doesn't have too much on her plate all at once.

I'm sure that with time and patience she will settle down :)

best wishes Kate

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