Will my one cat ever stop hissing at the other one?

I just had to get rid of my cat and I gave him to a friend. He is a 9 month old, neutered male Tiger cat. And she already has an 8 month old, non- fixed female Tiger cat. The female, named Under, is just now starting to hiss and growl at everyone and everything. Including the new male cat named Krauser. Krauser is just wondering around the house like he owns the place. He seems comfortable there. However he does keep his distance from her. Under just sits there staring at him and if he gets to close she growls and hisses at him, the same with us people, she will also hiss at us. Under will go into heat about every two weeks. My question is. What are the chances they will get along, and that she will leave him alone. And when she goes into heat will it only get worse or better? Will she eventually like him or tolerate him? Or do I need to try to find another home for him? Which I don't think I can because I can't find anyone. I might have to take him to the Pound if they won't get along. Thank you in advance.

well no there are no guarantees that they will ever get on but even if they don't this does not necessarily mean they cannot live in the same house as each other. This is because the two cats will just learn to keep away from each other and just co exist in the same home.

There are some measures that can be tried first though.

Of course having the female cat spayed will make things a lot better. I'm not sure why your friend has not had this done yet as their are so many benefits for the cat. Anyway the other thing she can try to do is to spend some time introducing the cats to each other in a controlled manner. It take a little time but can produce some good results in some cases.

the process is described here


Hope things settle down soon for them

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