Will Neutering fix my problem?

by Dawn

I own 3 cats, 2 spayed females one is 2 and the other is about a year and a half old and 1 soon to be neutered male who is 9 months old. Up until the day before yesterday everyone got along fine, sure they had their minor spats from time to time but literally over night they just stopped getting along. Everyone is fighting with everyone, I get my male (who seems to be the instigator) calmed down and then one of the girls riles him back up again and they are back at it. Last night I separated my male cat thinking that maybe the girls would be O.K if he was in my room for the night but sure enough the girls ended up going at it all night as well. My husband and I have both gotten clawed by the male trying to separate him from the girls after a fight, he is almost acting as if he is bi polar! Fine one minute then raging mad and attacking the next. Today it was so bad that my 2 year old has been pooing and peeing herself during the fights(even when she instigates it). I am hoping that Neutering my male will help the problem as he started becoming aggressive over the past few months from time to time (again with the bi polar). Will the Neutering help? Or is there something else we should try also along with the neuter?

yes having your male neutered will help alot. It sounds like not only is he becoming more aggressive but also your female cats may be starting to fear him more as he starts to smell more of a adult tom cat. Cats react aggressiviliy to fear and so this is what is kicking off all the fights all the time.

i don't know when you are going to get your male neutered but the sooner the better i feel before they become too frightened of each other.

After he is neutered i would try a period of reintroduction for your cats. It will help to re build confidene. It does take a little time and effort but is worth it i feel in the long run. the process is described here adapt it to your personal circumstances.


Hope everything calms down again soon.

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