Will too much Frontline flea medicine hurt my cats?

by Marie
(Elmore, AL U.S.)

my cat

my cat


I gave my cats frontline flea medicine (the kind where you use a syringe and squirt the medicine on the back of the neck) on April 7th and I noticed today that they still have fleas, and I gave them another dose today(April 11th). I know I was suppose to wait a month but they still have fleas. Will it hurt them? The dosage that I gave them was .5 ml Please let me know if this will hurt them, and do I need to call the vet? Also if they still have fleas after this what should I use next? Thanks.

Answer by Kate
often the shop bourght flea treatments don't work as they don't contain a serios enough drug to eradicate the fleas (fleas are tough little critters), As long as your cats are not showing any ill effects from the double dose they should be ok. Check with the padket, sometimes it will say what to do in case of giving too much, if it doesn't then it's probably because it won't harm them.

I would suggest not giving thme any more, waiting afew weeks, keep grooming them especailly around the neck area and then if they still have fleas take them to the vets to be prescibed the real flea medication. thats what we did with our cat as we found the shop ones of no use either.

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flea treatment by: Anonymous

HEllo! Last night I found out my kitten had... FLEAS! Oh did I go crazy! Ugh! So I bought a flea shampoo and bathed him and he seemed to have the fleas gone when he dried off and I combed his hair. I then saw he had some left, so I washed a SMALL amt again just in the targeted area. Then I placed a flea repellent collar on him. Tonight... I placed Seargeant Golds Flea drops in his shoulders. Is this TOO much treatment too soon? I don't want him to get sick from the "toxins" even though these are natural, non-odor drops/collar. Please let me know!

That is too much treatment in one go and could harm your cat.

My advice is to take the flea collar off. They can be dangerous to some cats and in my experience they don't get rid of fleas that well either. the monthly spot n treatments are much better if you get a quality one.

Please see my pages about flea
treatments for more information.

best wishes Kate

ive been thru it... by: mia

When i first got my cats (2) as kittens from a shelter they both had fleas n i didnt kno it for atleast aweek. N ill tell u it was the worst 3months of my life. With tons of vacuuming n treating my house n my cats- finally was rid of the the fleas. it was the worst!
im scared!
by: mia

I gave my 11lb. Cat 2doses of frontline plus cause i think he licked the 1st dose off. now im worried, how will i know if hes overdosed ? how many hours - can i say - hes
gonna be ok. Plz. Answer!!

Hi try not not worry. All i would say is keep a close eye on him over the next 48 hours. if you see any signs of illness contact your vet.

Flea Treating - not too often!
by: EmVar

I spoke to my vet about this as my cat Jodie has a flea allergy and will pluck herself a bald patch if she gets only one bite, the monthly Front Line only seemed to last 3 weeks (just long enough for Jodie to start looking a bit better) so she was getting bitten again before she was due for her next treatment.

Jodie is a mostly indoors cat but does pop out to relieve herself and for the odd sunbathe.

My vet very strongly advised against treating with Front Line any more frequently than the stated dose. Instead he recommended that we thoroughly treat the house as well as the cat - after 7 hours of vacuuming, moving furniture, vacuuming again and spraying carpets and anything else fabric with a hearty dose of treatment (Sorry I can't remember the name - I bought it from the Vet though), our home was cleaner than it had been in years and we now seem to be flea-free.

Prescription flea treatment by: Gina

I agree with visiting the vet and getting prescription flea treatment. I used Advantage on my cats when I introduced a new kitten, who had fleas, to my household. Since I could not treat the kitten until she was older, I had to treat my adult cats in case they picked up fleas from her. I only had to treat them for three months with the prescription brand (my cats are indoor only.) After that, the fleas were gone and have not come back to this day, even two years later.

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by: Anonymous

I got Simple Guard from my vet. Applied it to my dogs 3 days ago & they are still itching like crazy even tho i see no fleas or flea poop. I re dosed them again. Is Simple Guard not a good flea med even if i got it from my vet? And will a dbl dose overdose them?

Flea treatment
by: Anonymous

Hi I have just given my cats a dose of advantage flea treatment but once I had done my partner has told me she put a cheap one on a couple days ago will my cats be ok ?

flea problems
by: nancy balconisAnnancyonymous

my flea infestation was so severve, I spent over 500.00 dollars to eratacate them completely. I had to use a professional company to fully get rid of the fleas.so do your home work and learn all u can when you get a flea infestation. u have to self explore on your own, I have learned for my self.Belive me, because,if u don't- heaven help u. good luck.

Reading with interest
by: Anonymous

We have 3 cats who all love roaming the garden 24/7. We're signed up to a pet plan with our vet and we're given a monthly supply of flea treatment which we use religiously.about 2 months ago I noticed the cats itching and I used a Frontline spray in between treatment then we noticed bites appearing on us -even my small daughter which was horrible, then we started seeing them hop around on our furniture... a double dose of treatment was given and a spray for the house. I've vacuumed everyday -the house is literally shining!!! Yet we still have fleas.
I've complained to the vets who were not much help to be fair.
I'm at a (itchy) loss...

by: Lawanna

I have a chiweenie and when I got him he was flea invested. So I went to the vet and brought that Fronline gold well the 1st two weeks it done good so I went ahead and bathed him then put a flea collar on him . Will this hurt him in any kind of way?

cats don't need regular bathing like dogs. Only really if they get something on their fur. It can dry out their skin and cause problems otherwise.

Re the flea treatment. I really would not recommend a flea collar (please search mu site re flea collars you will see the reason why).

The frontline spot on treatment should last a month and you only need to reapply one a month.

12 week old kitten weighs 10 lbs
by: Anonymous

If my 12 week old kitten weighs over 10 lbs, do I use kitten or adult flea medicine

This had set my mind at rest a lot thanks
by: Rhian

My cats got a shop bought spot on flea treatment from me about 12 ago, it didn't seems to be working too well so I combing them every couple of days and treating all their beds and my bed, sofa and carpets with a spray while I waited until I could give them another treatment.

Today a friendly neighbour looks to have given one of them an extra dose despite him having a tag with my details on. He seems fine but I was a bit worried.

A thank you to Kate
by: Trish

Just wanted to say thank you Kate. I'm glad you responded. I'll contact my vet.

Darn fleas anyway
by: Trish

My cat had fleas once before, we were finally able to get rid of them by vaccuming really good, giving her a bath or two and using Frontline Flea drops, in that little green container.

Well, I moved six months ago, my cat is an indoor cat. We had some really nice weather so I opened up a storm window and my cat really enjoyed the fresh air and watching the birds. Well guess what, she got fleas. I live in an apartment complex that welcomes pets, but of course you are going to have fleas whether there are animals or not.

I put a dose on her last weekend, but she still has some on her. I find the little suckers and pick them off of her and stick them either in a ziplock box to sufficate them or use HOT sudsy water and wash them down the sink. I wish I had a miniture little MIGHTY vaccum cleaner to suck them up with and they couldn't get out of the little vaccum. Anyone know where I could get one? I honestly don't think they would make one quite so small, so I guess wishful thinking. I'm going to try another small dose of Frontline this weekend. If that doesn't help, I'm calling my Vet.

Call your vet, Front line isn't the best. If you use a spot on flea treatment every month bought from your vet, then fleas will not be able to live on your cat.

Good luck

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