Wonderful cat with terrible behavior.

by Chelsea

Joey (left) with her little brother Rick

Joey (left) with her little brother Rick

Well, here is the story. I have lived with my husband and our two cats for five months now. The two cats lived together for a two years before this at my mother's house and they love each other very much. We have a fairly small but comfortable apartment. The cat box has always been in the same place and we never had any problems until two weeks ago. At that time our female (Joey) started pooping under our table, which is across the room from her litter box but quite close to their feeding area. I know it is her because I see our male cat using the litter box and never see her using it. I keep cleaning up the feces and cleaning the carpet, then spraying it with pet odor neutralizer for the carpet. She just won't stop though! I am tempted to get a cat training spray that has an unpleasent odor to her and spraying it there to sway from the area. Nothing new has been introduced to her except a new litter. However, the litter is still Tidy Cats, which we always used but it is another formula. Very subtle change for a cat who has moved a few times over her 5 years and adapted well to each new pet we have had. I really don't know what to do! Our other cat is just fine, so what is her issue? Please give any advise you have. Thank you so much!

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Changing Litter
by: Linda

Sometimes a cat will stop using a litter box if there is a new kind of litter that they are not used to. For example if you change from unscented to scented, pine smelling, or just a different texture. Also always keep the box very clean for them which you probably do already.

by: Kate

These things can come out of the blue and for very little reason. It probably is the fact that she just doesn't like the new litter. The best solution is to give her, her own litter tray and another type of litter. See this page for more info

I'm sure that your cat will soon get back to her old self once she becomes comfortable with her litter tray routine again. :)

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